Snoop Dogg clarified on instagram the rumors about him smoking at least 150 joints a day.

The famous West Coast rapper, well known not only for his amazing songs but also for his notorious smoking of weed. It was on November 4, 2022, that Snoop Dogg called down the woman’s claim on Instagram by posting a screenshot of her tweet that stated, “Snoop Dogg smokes about 75-150 joints a day. Snoop’s official ‘Roller’ says she’s twisted 450,000 blunts since she started working for him in 2016.”

Later, on November 6, 2022, Snoop Dogg denied the smoking allegations on his instagram account. In his post, he actually shows how many blunts he smokes in a day, a total of 10 roaches of blunts.

Listen to what Snoop had to say.

During a recent appearance on a TV show, Renegade PerRana, Snoop Dogg’s private blunt, claimed to have rolled over 450,000 joints for Snoop Dogg since she got the job, and she also added that Snoop smokes up to 150 joints a day. Guess that’s why all these rumors started circulating about Snoop.

“I calculated it at over 450,000, I do about half a pound a day, which is 75 to 150 joints.” She said on the show.

PerRana later explained on a podcast that she got the job after winning a blunt rolling challenge hosted by Snoop’s engineers and cigar experts.

“I had a roll-off with a sound engineer that works with Snoop, that I guess Snoop kind of recommended, and then a Venezuelan cigar roller who rolls big boy stogies at parties. So from that day forward, I was the premier blunt roller of the planet, blunt roller to the stars now.” She stated.

It was in a 2019 interview that Snoop Dogg first revealed he hired a blunt roller due to a lack of time to roll his blunts himself. 

Here’s what Snoop Dogg had to say, referring to his blunt roller as a man and not a woman apparently named Renegade PerRana: “The muthafucka rolls them and puts them in the package, that’s his job, his occupation. On his resume it says, ‘What do you do?’ I’m a blunt roller. Professional roller.”

Regarding his roller’s paycheck, Snoop added: “It’s somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000 a year. Free weed, all expenses paid. Anything that’s free for me, he gets. I go get free clothes, I give him free clothes.”

So, basically, being a blunt roller for a star like Snoop Dogg or even Rick Ross means getting free clothes, jewelries, dinner invitations and a monthly paycheck sounds good. Let’s give it a try.

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