The internet is going crazy over the body change of former Victoria Secret, Adriana Lima.

Who is Adriana Lima.

Adriana Lima was a Brazilian model, who was well known for her excellent modeling work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, for about 19 years. 

She was Victoria Secret’s most valuable model at the time, being the second highest paid model in the world since 2014. Lima appeared in the Forbes list of highest paid models at the 4th position in 2012, earning at least $7.3 million a year. For 4 consecutive years, Lima has consistently topped the list of highest paid models.

Her modeling body changed during her pregnancy.

Lima was also known for her weird Victoria Secret diets. In a 2011 interview before the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Lima said that for a few days before the show started, she only drank protein shakes and avoided any meals or liquid drinks for the last 12 hours. 

Here’s what she said, “You dry out, sometimes you can lose up to 10 pounds on that alone. I know it’s very intense, but I have the mindset of an athlete and I love doing this thing. I just do it for this particular thing. After this show, I go back to normal.”

In 2009, Lima married NBA player, Marko Jarić, with whom she had two daughters. Her first pregnancy didn’t really affect her figure, but in 2011, the second pregnancy left her with a total of 60 pounds to shred to be ready for her upcoming Victoria fashion shows. 

Lima wrote on an instagram video about her journey to get back into shape. “Seeing this video makes me emotional. It makes me think that sometimes people look at you from the outside and think, her job is so easy, remember I’m not complaining, when they don’t know what you are going through.” Five weeks postpartum, she was seen walking with a wonderful body at a Victoria fashion show, leaving some people speechless about how beautiful she was and others even praising her workout routine to achieve her body goal.

On February 18, 2022, Lima announced that she was expecting her third child with her current boyfriend, Andre Lemmers. She gave birth on Aug, 29, 2022, in Santa Monica. 

Lima is now free from any pressure in the modeling industry since being an ex-model, with some fans and magazines like Mefeater even praising her body shape on twitter. Today, she doesn’t care about her modeling figure anymore and continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The body transformations of other celebrities, like Madonna and Pamela Anderson.

Adriana Lima, is not the only celebrity who has undergone drastic body transformations. Today, many celebrities undergo body transformations. Other celebrities like Madonna and Pamela Anderson have also undergone huge transformations, but we prefer to specify the surgical way by adding some adjustment to their body like breast implants or nose surgery.

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