The top 5 mind blowing celebrities looks for halloween.

Halloween was taken very seriously by our celebrities. Every year for Halloween, people try to create new looks, concepts and customes. Some people don’t really care if they have to celebrate Halloween with the same looks, customes, decorations, etc.

All that matters to them is the fact that they will go out and ask for candies, especially kids and for adults, they will celebrate with their friends in clubs.

If we want to talk about our celebrities, they push Halloween far beyond our imagination when it comes to customes and looks. Here are some celebrities who stood out from others for Halloween.

Cardi B as Marge Simpson.

Cardi B is always making big moves in music, movies, business and for Halloween she had to stay on the track with our favorite cartoon character “Mrs. Simpson”. She is seen wearing a green corset bodysuit and long red heels with her hair looking exactly like “Marge”, I’m not sure what wig or extensions her hairdresser used but the result was wonderful.

Cassie Ventura & Alex Fine as Angelina Jolie and ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton.

We haven’t heard much about Cassie in the music industry lately. You may know her after her quick date with star Diddy, all we know right now is that she’s a mom to 2 beautiful young girls. For Halloween, they decided to pay tribute to Angelina and ex, Billy at the premiere of Touchstone’s ‘GONE IN 60 SECONDS’. Cassie wore a black leather pants and a crop top, while her husband wore a baseball cap and a patchwork shirt.

Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox as Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee.

All there is to say is that Megan looked stunning, her Halloween outfit was even prettier than Pamelas’, respectfully. It’s true that rock stars dress like rock stars. The couple paid tribute to the famous couple of the late 90s, Pamela and Tommy. Megan wore a red-pink latex mini dress and a blonde wig while MGK wore a white top and added Tommy’s chain on his neck for a bad boy look.

Lizzo as Blueface’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

I didn’t expect this from Lizzo, she had more than one style for Halloween like Mrs. Marge Simpson, Piggy and her Chrisean Rock look-alike which was the funniest of all. If you don’t know Chrisean, she is the current girlfriend of rapper Blueface. Lizzo wore a white crop top, little jean shorts and got a fake tattoo of BlueFace’s face on her neck like Chrisean did a few months ago to prove her love to Blueface.

Kelly Rowland as the 4th catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer.

Kelly Rowland left us all speechless with her sexy Catwoman costume. She paid tribute to the 4th catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie “Batman Returns” released in 1992. She wore a black leather dress similar to Michelle’s with her pretty mask. For anyone who loves DC movies, this was a quick reminder to go see the recent Batman movie if you haven’t yet.

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