Zendaya appears to have Tom Holland’s initials on her gold ring.

Looks like things are really serious with Zendaya and Tom Holland.

Zendaya was spotted wearing a gold ring during a manicure appointment. The ring appears to have Tom Holland’s initials on it, which led fans to believe that it was a symbol of their confirmed romance.

Her nail artist posted a video of her manicure on her instagram account. In the video, as Zendaya showed off her new pink nails, she revealed a gold signet ring on her finger, engraved with the initials “TH”.

To understand the significance of Zendaya’s signet ring, we must first delve into its history.

Signet rings are rings with a custom symbol and design engraved on them. Historically, signet rings were used to create an official seal or letters to verify the authenticity of the sender, Teen Vogue reported.

Signet rings have been used throughout history by people of different social classes and professions, including monarchs, nobles, etc. They have also been used as symbols of membership in secret organizations.

Today, signet rings are often worn as a fashion accessory, a way to express one’s heritage or express one’s feelings for a loved one.

Zendaya and Tom Holland first met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016. Since then, they have worked together on several projects, including the film Spider-Man: No Way Home released in 2021.

In 2020, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actors were seen together on several occasions, leading to speculation that they were more than just friends. A year later, the dating rumors were finally confirmed after they were caught kissing in Tom’s car. Source from Popsugar.

It is clear that they have a very strong bond, their chemistry on and off screen is undeniable.

Whatever the true meaning of the ring, it has certainly caught the attention of fans. Zendaya and Tom Holland have become one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood, and the ring has only added fuel to the fire.