AfterShokz comparison: the revolution above your ears.

Presentation of the brand

Shokz (Aftershokz) is a bone conduction headphones brand founded in 2011. A breakthrough in the field of sound transmission.

Aftershokz develops its first bone conduction product and begins international expansion in 2012 making bone conduction technology more accessible to the general public

The brands changed its name to “Shokz” in 2022 to make it more direct and easier to remember.

The mission of Aftershokz is to contribute to a comfortable and secure headphone experience. Aftershokz (Shokz) is a world leader in bone conduction technology with a global reputation, present in over 60 countries it has already satisfied over 7 million customers.

How is the Shokz system working?

Transducers used in Aftershokz / Shokz bone conduction technology diffuse vibrations through the temples.

This system allows sound to be delivered directly to the ear through the ear’s bone , bypassing the eardrums.

The first time using a bone conduction headset can be unsettling, but you quickly get used to it and because these headphones are wireless, you won’t be bothered by cables.

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The Qualities of the AfterShokz headphones

– Quality

Bone conduction allows you to hear and communicate without putting earphones in your ears, which is very hygienic and ideal for people who have a narrow or wide ear canal. This Aftershokz (Shokz) technology ensures that no part of the headset enters the ear canal, providing maximum comfort while wearing it.


Another benefit of Aftershokz (Shokz) is its safety. Indeed, Aftershokz headphones enable you to hear and communicate while remaining aware of your surroundings.

Very useful in the workplace or for other activities that require concentration. You can talk with someone without interrupting your music making this headset very user-friendly (you are not isolated like with headphones or conventional audio headphones)


Aftershokz bluetooth headphones are the most sanitary products in their class.

Because they are not in the ear, they do not come into contact with the earwax that is present inside the ear canal.


They have an ergonomic shape that helps them stay in place, even during strenuous activities like running.

The Aftershokz earbuds will stay in place whether you jump, roll, or run because sweat from athletic activities won’t affect its grip.

Comparison of the different product from Shokz


Shokz OpenMove from official site

The OpenMove was designed with polyvalence in mind and is intended for daily use.

It provides the best osseous conduction technology in its class, the free-ear design, and a comfortable and secure listening experience at an entry-level price.


Shokz OpenRun from official site

The best-selling wireless sport headphones of the brand, previously known as Aeropex.

It now has new packaging, a quick-charge feature, and a new name.

The OpenRun headphones are the lightest to date, with great sound, a long-lasting battery, and Quick Charge to keep you informed and motivated as you go through any workout.

They also have a “Pro” variation a little bit more expensive with a better sounds technology.


Shokz Opencomm from official site

OpenComm is an headset built exclusively for mobile communication.

Engineered with the 7th generation bone conduction technology.

It is made to keep you connected to your environment while you’re on the road, on a jobsite, etc…

This is the ideal solution for mobile office use.


Shokz OpenSwim from official site

Built to expand the boundaries of open-ear listening.

OpenSwim is entirely waterproof and submersible, with four gigabytes of MP3 storage, allowing athletes to workout harder with no cords, devices, or constraints.

It is particularly suitable for watersport activity

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