Why should you build muscle as a woman?

What I mean by “build muscle” is doing strength training on purpose. I’m not talking about embarking on a rigorous weight-lifting routine and surviving on boiled chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life. A healthy muscle mass can keep your entire body healthy and reduce your risk of developing health problems as you age.

Weight training and your heart

Weight training is intended to develop lean muscle mass. According to scientific studies, your proportion of lean muscle mass is inversely related to your risk of heart disease. Your lean muscle mass makes you less likely to acquire heart disease. Furthermore, as women age and estrogen levels fall during perimenopause and into the postmenopausal years, the risk of cardiovascular disease rises.
Women who grow lean muscle through weight training help to mitigate the expected increase in their risk of heart disease as they age.


As you get older your bones are getting weaker

Now you know that strength workouts have been shown to help increase and maintain muscle mass and strength. But did you know that having solid muscles leads to having strong bones? Strong bones can also help reduce the incidence of osteoporosis-related fractures. After age 40, a combination of age-related changes, inactivity, and poor nutrition can make you lose 1% of your bone mass each year. As bones become more frail and brittle, they are more prone to break after even a slight fall. To protect your quality of life and bone health, you need to work your muscles; the more muscles you will use, the more ways your body pulls on your bones, and the better it is for your bone health.


Strength training balance your hormones

Strength exercise can help you control your hormones. Considering estrogen is the most frequent hormone produced by women, you’re presumably thinking about it. However, we are referring to testosterone, a masculine hormone. Every woman has testosterone, and it plays a role in everything from libido to brain health to bone health to general energy level. It is a true hormone of quality of life. The best method for increasing testosterone production is to trigger your body’s muscle-building proteins. Weight lifting necessitates this process, and testosterone is required for muscle mass development. The more you push your body to gain muscle, the more testosterone your body will create.


To conclude every woman should start muscle building. Not only for the physical benefits, but also for the increases in strength, mentality, and overall health that come with muscle building and weight training in general.

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