Who is Jeffrey Soffer? Tom Brady’s friend and rumored boyfriend to Gisele Bündchen.

Jeffrey Soffer is a prominent billionaire entrepreneur who recently made headlines for his alleged relationship with model Gisele Bündchen, ex-wife to his long-time friend, Tom Brady.

However, Soffer’s rise to the spotlight began long before his rumored relationship with one of the world’s most famous models. He was married to Elle MacPherson, Australian former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, for five years before their split in 2017.

Born in Miami Beach, Florida in 1968, Soffer inherited a real estate empire from his father, Donald Soffer, who was a well-known real estate developer and mogul. After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in real estate and finance, Soffer and his sister began working for his father’s company, Turnberry Associates.

The company reportedly earned more than $10 billion from luxury hotels and other properties. Jeffrey, current worth is estimated to be $2.2 billion.

Under Soffer’s leadership, Turnberry Associates has become one of the most successful real estate companies in the world. Jeffrey’s most popular property is the iconic Fountainebleu Hotel in Miami, a favorite spot for celebrities.

In addition to his success in the real estate industry, Soffer is also a well-known philanthropist. 

He donated more than $18 million to various charities, including the University of Miami, for its indoor soccer training facility.

This is currently the largest donation in the history of the athletic department. Jeffrey Soffer and his siblings made the contribution in honor of their mother, Carol. The university named the 81,000-square-foot, Architecture “Carol Soffer Football Indoor Practice Facility” in recognition of their contribution.

Despite his obvious and impressive business accomplishments, he has recently been in the spotlight due to rumors of his romance with his friend’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen. Rumors between the two began circulating in 2021, but neither Soffer nor Bündchen confirmed or denied the reports until Wednesday, when Gisele, for Vanity Fair in her April 2023 cover story, put to rest the rumors that she was dating Jeffrey Soffer. 

Image Credit: Vanity Fair

The model told Vanity Fair; “I have zero relationship with him in any way, He’s Tom’s friend, not my friend.” 

“I wouldn’t be with this guy,” she continued. To reinforce the fact that she will not date anyone close to Tom.

Soffer and the NFL star, Tom Brady,  have been spotted together on numerous occasions, and Soffer has even attended several of Brady’s Super Bowl wins over the years. While Soffer’s personal life is the subject of speculation, his impressive business success and philanthropic commitment are undeniable, and that’s what truly sets him apart.