Will Drake and 21 Savage get rid of Vogue?

parodic cover of vogue by 21 and drake

21 Savage and Drake’s staggered hype to release a joint project doesn’t seem to please everyone.

Indeed, Vogue magazine has decided to file a complaint against the two artists and claims $4 million because of faking their brand.

A highly waited project

cover “Her Lost” by Drake & 21 Savage

On November 4th, 21 Savage and Drake announced their long-awaited collaboration album Her Loss. This 16-track long CD features a collaboration with Travis Scott, all with an hour of his music. With the release of their work just around the corner, the two rappers made a bold move to promote it. The two stars actually revealed a fake interview conducted by Howard Stern, a fake Tiny Desk concert, and even shared a fake Vogue cover. In the latter, the two rappers even thanked the magazine’s managing editor, Anna Wintour, for inviting them.

As a result, this promotion came across as so plausible that NPR, the makers of Tiny Desk, were forced to clarify to their audience that the Drake and 21 Savage video wasn’t real.

Original owners didn’t like it

As reported by The Guardian, Vogue publisher Condé Nast has decided to file a complaint against them. The 2 artist are accused of using media names without permission of the owner to promote the album. Publishers repeatedly requested these covers to be removed from Drake and 21 Savage’s social networks, but said it was unsuccessful. Condé Nast is now seeking $4 million in damages from the two men.

I think it’s it’s an easy case for them to win,” said Barton Beebe, a law professor at New York University, who specializes in intellectual property law. “And I think that they’ll get the injunction, the injunctive relief, ordering the marketing campaign to stop. It seems to me an interesting question would be if Vogue wants to pursue this all the way to damages, because they could be in the millions for this kind of conduct.”

Law professor interview on Npr

Overall, it seems that the publicity tricks worked, although the visibility provided may cost them much more than the profits earned.

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