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Amanda Knox and Christopher Robin's 'Ideal' Baby No. 2 Arrival

Amanda Knox and husband Christopher Robin have welcomed their second baby, a boy.
The birth was very ideal and relaxed, with Chris reading poetry to Amanda as she was having contractions. The couple's son, Echo, was born on September 23, weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces.
Amanda shared that the birth of their second child was much calmer compared to the first. She also mentioned that her husband had a stomach bug upon returning from the hospital, leaving her to handle things alone for a few days.
After Chris recovered from the stomach bug, things started to come together for the family.
Amanda recalled the challenging days and emphasized her concern for the baby's health during that time. She also expressed her gratitude for her daughter Eureka's kindness towards her new brother.
In 2007, Amanda was accused of murdering her roommate, Meredith Kercher, while studying abroad in Italy. Despite being sentenced to 26 years in prison, she was later found not guilty and exonerated by the Supreme Court of Cassation in 2015.
Rudy Guede was sentenced to 30 years for Kercher's murder, and his DNA was identified at the crime scene. Amanda announced that she is on trial in Italy again, aiming for a full acquittal from her wrongful accusation of slander.