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Amy Foster Criticizes Claims of David Foster Neglecting His Older Children for Young Son Rennie

David Foster’s daughter Amy Foster defends her father against claims he deserted his older children for 2-year-old son Rennie, shutting down allegations of abandonment and affirming that they love and support their father.
Amy questions why anyone would take away something negative from Rennie's incredible talent, emphasizing the family's love for their father and each other. David has been candid about feeling absent from his kids' lives earlier in his career and regrets not being more present.
David is taking a different approach to parenting with Rennie, trying to be more present and supportive. He and wife Katharine McPhee often share videos of Rennie practicing and playing the drums, expressing amazement at his talent.
McPhee shares how Rennie's passion for music has become an undeniable part of his future, admitting that it's pretty impressive and expressing amazement at his dedication to playing the drums.