AndyCohenDebunksJenShah'sClaimon'RHOSLC'FootageofHeatherGay'sBlackEyeAndyCohenDebunksJenShah'sClaimon'RHOSLC'FootageofHeatherGay'sBlackEyeGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Andy Cohen Debunks Jen Shah's Claim on 'RHOSLC' Footage of Heather Gay's Black Eye

Andy Cohen responds to Jen Shah's comments about the RHOSLC finale and her prison sentence.
Cohen addresses Shah's argument about missing footage and denies lingering resentments.
Shah had conditions for a one-on-one interview with Cohen and was convicted of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.
Shah thinks RHOSLC still revolves around her despite being behind bars.
Shah believes the show can't live without her and is set to be released from jail in August 2028.