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"Angel Carter Speaks Out

Bobbie Jean's Liberation at 41"

Angel Carter shared a heartbreaking message and photos of her late sister, Bobbie Jean, just one day after her sudden death.
Angel Carter, 36, expressed her love for her sister and shared memories of Bobbie Jean as a younger, smiling individual.
Angel reminisced about the humor and lively spirit of her older sister, expressing regret for the difficulties Bobbie Jean faced throughout her life.
Angel empathized with Bobbie Jean's childhood struggles and expressed sorrow for not being able to provide a better life for her siblings.
Angel called for breaking down barriers, reducing stigmas, and promoting mental health support to create a healthier society.
Angel concluded her message with a declaration of love and freedom for Bobbie Jean, along with a broken heart and dove emoji.
Bobbie Jean's sudden death was confirmed by her mother, Jane Carter, who expressed shock and the need for time to process the tragic reality.
No cause of death has been given, but Bobbie Jean's passing follows the deaths of her siblings, Aaron and Leslie, leaving behind her eight-year-old daughter, Bella.