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Angel Cassani Unveils 'Dime Detective' Film

Angel Cassani, executive producer, split time between New York and L.A., producing T.V. shows in the early 2000s.
Cassani has worked with Andy Garcia, Lee Caplin, and Melissa Leo over the last two decades, planning to continue producing remarkable stories.
His most recent venture, 'Dime Detective,' set to be filmed in Puerto Rico, tells the story of a detective navigating a turbulent lifestyle.
Initially a Wall Street financial advisor, Cassani became one of the highest executives in banking before entering the entertainment industry.
Dime Detective, set in a tropical Caribbean environment, follows Lieutenant Javier 'Tank' Tanquiero, a man haunted by his past and dedicated to protecting the innocent.
Partnering with Perrenque Media Lab in Colombia, Cassani looks forward to bringing integrity to 'Dime Detective,' a relatable tale of strife and justice.