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Angelina Jolie's Brother Vows to Protect Her Kids Amid Brad Pitt Divorce Drama

James Haven, brother of Angelina Jolie, discussed his support for his sister and her children in a new podcast interview.
James Haven revealed his dedication to supporting Angelina and her children, emphasizing the importance of being present for them.
Angelina Jolie‘s brother, James Haven, expressed his protective nature towards the actress and her kids following her split from Brad Pitt.
James Haven emphasized his commitment to being there for Angelina and her children, drawing parallels to their late mother's influence.
Angelina Jolie shares six children with Brad Pitt and has been engaged in a custody battle with him after their divorce.
In October 2022, Angelina accused Brad of emotional and physical abuse, leading to a divorce filing. Brad denied the allegations.
Angelina and Brad are also in a lawsuit over a French winery they used to own together, with reports of attempts to settle the legal battle out of court.