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Are Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Headed for Divorce? A Closer Look at Their Split.

The status of Kyle and Mauricio's marriage has been the subject of mixed signals.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's separation has led to speculation about their marital status and past comments about prenups resurfacing.
Reports surfaced in early July claiming that the couple split, but they clarified that claims of divorcing are untrue, despite a challenging year for their marriage.
The reason behind their split remains unexplained, with allegations that they have been separated for a while but still living under the same roof.

Dinner at Il Pastaio after ✨Dancing With The Stars✨👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻! We had a delicious dinner and a great, enjoyable conversation. It was a wonderful treat to continue celebrating Mauricio. Thank You, @leslieraebega, for driving me home after dinner, which gave us time to continue enjoying the evening!
As of now, Kyle and Mauricio are still legally married but separated, with ongoing efforts to save their marriage.
Rumors emerged about Mauricio dating Leslie Bega, but it was later revealed that it was his father, Eduardo, who was dating her. Kyle deleted her support posts for Mauricio after he was seen holding hands with Emma, sparking increased speculation about their relationship.

Tabloids talk but Mauricio is sharing the truth on The Agency Dallas podcast - Red Mic! 🎙️
Kyle denied creating drama in her marriage for ratings and emphasized that she has no need for additional relevance after being on the show for 13 seasons.

Kyle and Mau out tonight with their daughters! Love to see it🫶 credit: @alexiaumansky #RHOBH
In December 2023, Kyle and Mauricio appeared to give mixed signals about their marriage again when they posed for a holiday-themed photo with their kids, sparking further speculation.
Comments from Kyle about the couple's prenup resurfaced, revealing that they did not have one due to their financial situation at the time of marriage.