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Ariana Grande's 7th Album

All the Exciting Details

Ariana Grande hints at a 2024 release for her new record, showing glimpses from the studio and teasing fans with the 'two moods' of the album.
Fans eagerly anticipate Ariana Grande's seventh album, curious about the inspiration behind her songs following a divorce and new relationship.
Ariana Grande hints at a 2024 release for her upcoming record, sharing behind-the-scenes photos and referencing 'Ag7: goat mother.'

ag7: goat mother
Speculation arises as fans anticipate Ariana Grande's seventh record, fueled by her re-recording of her debut album and a remix with The Weeknd.
Personal experiences, including a divorce and new relationship, may inspire Ariana Grande's new tracks, although the album content remains unconfirmed.
Amidst filming, Ariana Grande hints at the 'two moods' of her upcoming album, showcasing emotional and joyful moments in her Instagram posts.