"AustenKroll'sExplosiveFirstFighton'SouthernCharm'IgnitedbyJTThomas''Snake'Comment""AustenKroll'sExplosiveFirstFighton'SouthernCharm'IgnitedbyJTThomas''Snake'Comment"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Austen Kroll's Explosive First Fight on 'Southern Charm' Ignited by JT Thomas' 'Snake' Comment"

Austen Kroll and JT Thomas clash on Southern Charm finale over Taylor Ann Green, resulting in a physical fight.
Tensions rise as JT accuses Austen of causing pain within the group and Taylor supports Austen, leading to a heated confrontation.
Austen realizes JT's jealousy and the source of the constant attacks, leading to a physical scuffle between the two.
Austen and JT engage in a physical altercation, with both accusing each other of initiating the fight.
The confrontation escalates as Austen and JT exchange heated words and physical contact, leading to an intense altercation.
Shep expresses his disappointment in Austen's actions, indicating a strained relationship and suggesting Austen's culpability.