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Bachelor in Paradise Star Calls 2023 an Emotional Roller-Coaster

Michael Allio reflects on the past year and shares his aspirations for the new one, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and gratitude.
Allio acknowledges the emotional roller-coaster of 2023 and the struggle to find balance between work and spending time with his son, James.
He expresses gratitude for the abundance of memories and lessons learned in 2023, and shares his optimism and resolution for the new year.
Allio reveals his New Year's resolution to be kinder to himself, reflecting on his split from Danielle Maltby and the challenges of the past months.
He acknowledges the difficulty of moving on from the relationship with Maltby, emphasizing the impact it has had on both of them.
Danielle Maltby shares her perspective on the breakup, expressing her well wishes for Michael Allio and emphasizing her enduring care for his son, James.