Bachelorette'sJasonTartickEmbracesNewBeginningsAmidKaitlynBristoweandZacClarkRumorsBachelorette'sJasonTartickEmbracesNewBeginningsAmidKaitlynBristoweandZacClarkRumorsGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Bachelorette's Jason Tartick Embraces New Beginnings Amid Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark Rumors

Jason Tartick reacts to Kaitlyn Bristowe's dating rumors and posts cryptic messages on Instagram.
Bristowe shares a cryptic quote and addresses haters on social media.
Bristowe expresses her disappointment and frustration with the hate and bullying she's facing.
Bristowe denies cheating rumors and calls out the hate she's receiving.
Bristowe firmly denies cheating allegations and urges people to be kind.
Bristowe responds to the drama with a pointed Instagram post, holding a bottle of wine and wearing a sweater that reads 'Be f—king nice.'