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Unapologetic and Ageless in Sexy Outfits

Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand explained her indifference towards people's opinions about her fashion choices, emphasizing the importance of self-expression at any age.
The 81-year-old actress reflected on her past desire to pose in a 'no pants' and just a white shirt, and her current attitude of not caring about public perception.
Barbra Streisand shared her unconventional style influences, citing inspiration from period films, museum paintings, and Mucha posters of Sarah Bernhardt.
The actress advocated for self-expression in fashion, regardless of age, and discussed the positive reception of her memoir, 'My Name Is Barbra'.
Barbra Streisand's confidence in her future success was evident from a young age, as she anticipated recognition while working as a theater usher at 16.