BeyonceDropsSurpriseSong'MyHouse'Before'Renaissance'ConcertFilmBeyonceDropsSurpriseSong'MyHouse'Before'Renaissance'ConcertFilmGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Beyonce Drops Surprise Song 'My House' Before 'Renaissance' Concert Film

Beyoncé drops 'My House' with concert movie premiere on December 1.
Beyoncé surprises fans with new song 'My House' during concert movie release.
Beyoncé's new film premiered in London and Los Angeles with celebrity attendees.
Beyoncé attends London premiere with family and friends before L.A. event.
Beyoncé rocks metallic gown at the L.A. event with matching gloves.
Tina Knowles defends Beyoncé against skin tone criticism on social media.