Beyonce'sMind-BlowingBeadedMiniDressisUnbelievable!Beyonce'sMind-BlowingBeadedMiniDressisUnbelievable!Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Beyonce's Mind-Blowing Beaded Mini Dress is Unbelievable!

Beyoncé stunned fans in two jaw-dropping outfits at the premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé in London.
She arrived in an elongated blazer and embellished underwear, then changed into a dazzling Balmain design featuring a circular breastplate and asymmetric miniskirt.
Beyoncé treated fans to a new song, 'My House,' co-produced by The Dream, at the premiere.
In addition to the tour and film, Beyoncé has been busy racking up awards and expanding her business portfolio, breaking the record for most Grammy wins and introducing her new fragrance, Ce Noir.
Beyoncé's beauty announcement revealed her first job was sweeping hair in her mama's salon, and she expressed her dream of carrying on her legacy.
Beyoncé learned from her hair journey and expressed her dream of carrying on her mama's legacy.