"Beyonce'sUnexpectedJam'MyHouse'SetstheMoodforRomance""Beyonce'sUnexpectedJam'MyHouse'SetstheMoodforRomance"Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

"Beyonce's Unexpected Jam 'My House' Sets the Mood for Romance"

Beyoncé, 42, released 'My House,' her first new song since 2022’s Renaissance, and her concert movie hit theaters worldwide on Friday, December 1.
'My House' continues the dance/house sound from Beyoncé's 2022 album, Renaissance, with a thumping bass and a subtle nod to her husband, rapper Jay-Z.
The track veers deeper into house production halfway through, with surging synths and a bass that doesn’t quit, as Beyoncé drops an inspirational plea for her listeners.
The song ends with Beyoncé reminding everyone whose house it is and sending a clear message to those who don't respect it.
Beyoncé turned heads at the movie’s premiere in London on Thursday, November 30, wearing a figure-hugging Thom Browne blazer dress.
Taylor Swift, among other notable guests, supported Beyoncé’s big night in London by wearing a gown spun out of pure silver.