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Bijou Phillips Thrives in Well-Deserved Holiday Bliss Post Danny Masterson Breakup & Prison Time

Bijou Phillips, estranged wife of Danny Masterson, took a vacation to the Bahamas three months after his prison sentencing for rape.
Bijou, 43, holidayed at the Goldwynn Resort in the Bahamas, sharing bikini-clad beach photos on December 21, while her husband serves 30 years in prison for rape.

Having the most needed vacation ever! ⛱️🌊👙🎄☀️❤️
Bijou split from Danny in September after supporting him through his rape trial and sentencing. She filed for divorce and requested full custody of their daughter, Fianna.
Bijou's lawyer, Peter A. Lauzon, stated that her priority remains with her daughter and acknowledged that Danny is a wonderful father.
Bijou requested full legal and physical custody of Fianna, along with her legal last name to be restored to Phillips. Danny agreed to the custody arrangement from prison.
Before Danny's sentencing, Bijou had written a letter praising him as a father and husband, stating that he had been a life-saving partner to her.