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Billie Eilish Blasts Reporter for Outing Her
Billie Eilish accused Variety of outing her over the weekend after she discussed her sexuality in a cover story for the magazine. Eilish, 21, wrote via Instagram on Sunday, December 3 expressing her frustration with being outed on a red carpet.
Eilish attended Variety’s Hitmakers event on Saturday, December 2, and was asked about comments she’d made during a previous interview with the magazine. She expressed her surprise that people didn't already know about her sexuality.
In a previous interview, Eilish discussed her attraction to women and her challenges in relating to other women. She also revealed feeling intimidated by women's beauty and presence.
Eilish opened up about her deep connections with women in her life and her physical attraction to them. She also discussed her gender identity and the challenges she has faced in feeling desirable and feminine.
The Grammy winner previously slammed speculation about her sexuality and questioned the double standards in how it's perceived. She was also linked to The Neighbourhood frontman Jesse Rutherford and confirmed their split in May.