BoosieCriticizedforStormingOutof'TheColorPurple'DuetoLesbianRomance:'Enough!'BoosieCriticizedforStormingOutof'TheColorPurple'DuetoLesbianRomance:'Enough!'Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Boosie Criticized for Storming Out of 'The Color Purple' Due to Lesbian Romance: 'Enough!'

Rapper Boosie faced backlash for walking out of The Color Purple movie due to its portrayal of a same-sex relationship.
Fans criticized Boosie's comments, with one user telling him to 'SHUT TF UP' and others calling him hypocritical.
Boosie had previously declined a performance fee for an LGBTQIA+ event and clashed with Dwyane Wade over transgender issues.
Dwyane Wade responded to Boosie's comments with a message of unconditional love and acceptance for the transgender community.