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Bradley Cooper's New Pennsylvania Home

Living the Dream Near Gigi Hadid's Mom's Farm!

Bradley Cooper buys a home in Pennsylvania near Gigi Hadid's mother's farm. The insider clarified that the purchase has nothing to do with Gigi or her family.
Yolanda Hadid purchased her Pennsylvania farm in 2017 and it has become her family’s favorite place to wind down and spend quality time.
Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid have a lot in common. They're both single parents to a young daughter and share a similar sense of humor.
The pair have discussed arranging a playdate for their kids. Gigi appreciates that Bradley is different from other men she’s dated.
Cooper and Gigi have also supported each other’s businesses. Their romance has been going really well.
Cooper attended school in Pennsylvania and has many ties to the area. He is excited about having a place in his hometown.