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Brian Austin Green Applauds '90210' Co-Star Ian Ziering's Brave Response to Biker Attack

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Ian Ziering was involved in a physical altercation with bikers on Hollywood Boulevard, which was captured in a video obtained by TMZ.
In response to the incident, Brian Austin Green praised Ziering's handling of the situation, expressing his admiration for Ziering's physical fitness and emphasizing that he does not condone physical fights.
Ziering addressed the incident on social media, describing the confrontation with the bikers and expressing concern about the growing boldness of such groups disrupting public safety.
Ziering emphasized the importance of personal and community safety, advocating for decisive action from law enforcement and city officials to address disruptive behavior and ensure safe streets for everyone.
Highlighting the need for effective law enforcement responses, Ziering urged authorities to take action against lawlessness and provide necessary resources to prevent future occurrences, while expressing gratitude for the support received.
With Ziering's response to the incident and the subsequent advocacy for community safety, the importance of addressing disruptive behavior and ensuring public safety is underscored.