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Britney Spears Reunites with Mom Lynne in Heartwarming Throwback Photo

Lynne Spears denies claims about getting rid of Britney's belongings. Britney shares a throwback photo with her mom on Instagram.
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Britney and Lynne appear in good spirits in the throwback photo. Lynne rocks a cozy look with a pink beanie, red scarf, and black jacket.
Lynne denies claims made by Britney in her memoir. She shares photos of Britney's items and pens a public letter to her daughter.
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Britney's mother features photos of her belongings in a post. She also shares a carousel of photos of a signed jacket and slams the Daily Mail.
Britney's memoir features claims about her and her mother drinking 'cocktails' when she was a minor.
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Britney confirms reconciliation with her mother on Instagram. She expresses love for her mother and the process of making things right.