CaseyWilsonCallsTimAllen'TerriblyRude'on'TheSantaClauses'Set:WorstEverCaseyWilsonCallsTimAllen'TerriblyRude'on'TheSantaClauses'Set:WorstEverGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Casey Wilson Calls Tim Allen 'Terribly Rude' on 'The Santa Clauses' Set: Worst Ever

Casey Wilson alleges that Tim Allen was rude and difficult to work with on the set of The Santa Clauses series on Disney+.
Casey Wilson described her uncomfortable experience working with Tim Allen, claiming that he was rude and unprofessional during a scene.
During a scene, Tim Allen allegedly complained about Casey Wilson stepping on his lines, making the atmosphere tense and uncomfortable for everyone.
Casey Wilson observed that everyone on set seemed to be walking on eggshells around Tim Allen, suggesting a tense working environment.
Casey Wilson shared an incident where Tim Allen exhibited rude behavior, leaving the crew and cast feeling uncomfortable and uneasy.
Tim Allen's daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick is part of the cast in The Santa Clauses series, which is currently in its second season on Disney+.