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Celebs' Exclusive Diet and Workout Secrets Revealed!

Kristin Cavallari maintains a clean diet at home, including grass-fed steak, organic chicken, and wild-caught salmon. She enjoys egg bowls, salads, and sweet treats. Cavallari indulges in whatever she wants when she travels or dines out.
Demi Lovato prioritizes mental wellness and self-care, incorporating meditation, moments of reflection, and jujitsu into their routine. Lovato also enjoys an hour-long workout to find balance and wellness in life.
Teyana Taylor loves food and stays active by chasing after her kids. She incorporates fruit and veggie smoothies into her diet to maintain her vitamins and nutrients.
Alessandra Ambrosio starts her day with eggs, avocado, and coffee, followed by a traditional Brazilian lunch. She works out regularly at home and enjoys yoga and Pilates.
Charity Lawson found a new appreciation for her body through dance, realizing its transformative power. She now sustains her body and fitness outlook after her experience on Dancing With the Stars.
Heidi Montag used weight-loss supplement Hydroxycut as a catalyst and follows a high-protein, high-fat, low-carb diet. She lifts weights three to five days a week and inspires her kids with her dedication to fitness.
Keke Palmer focuses on being kind to herself and emphasizes hydration. She drinks plenty of water and includes calming vitamins in her routine to support her body.
Margot Robbie prioritizes happiness and balance in life, without imposing strict dietary restrictions. She enjoys beer and waffles, embracing a philosophy of living life to the fullest.
Kyle Richards made significant changes to her eating habits and workout routine after a European vacation. She eliminated bad carbs, sugar, pasta, bread, and alcohol from her diet and incorporated weights, running, and hot yoga into her exercise regimen.