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Never Lied in Sideline Reports!"

"Charissa Thompson Sets the Record Straight
Charissa Thompson clarifies her comments about embellishing NFL sideline reports. She apologizes for choosing the wrong words to describe the situation and admits to occasionally fabricating her broadcasts.
Thompson explains that she crafted her TV report based on what she learned and saw during the first half of the game in the absence of a coach providing any commentary. She never attributed anything she said to a player or coach.
Thompson expresses her respect for sideline reporters and appreciates the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business. She has been a FOX Sports journalist since 2008 and cohosts a podcast with Erin Andrews.
Thompson asserts that most NFL coaches would not be upset with how she covered the game. She shares an anecdote about fabricating a report during a Detroit Lions game.
Erin Andrews also admits to taking information from head coach meetings for her halftime reports. Her spokesperson clarifies that she ensures accuracy in her reporting by working closely with coaches, players, and PR staff.