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Charlie Sheen's Shocking Recovery After Neighbor's Alleged Attack (Exclusive)

Charlie Sheen, 58, was allegedly attacked by his neighbor, 47, while recovering from a medical procedure. The neighbor forced her way in, strangled him, and ripped his shirt and bandages.
The neighbor had previously allegedly vandalized Charlie Sheen's property. She has been charged with Felony Assault and pleaded not guilty with bail set at $75,000.
Charlie Sheen's friendship with Chuck Lorre soured in 2011, leading to his firing from Two and a Half Men. However, they have since mended fences, and Sheen is open to working with Lorre again.
Lorre offered Sheen a role in his series Bookie, which helped heal their friendship. Sheen expressed willingness to work with Lorre on another sitcom.
After struggling with addiction, Sheen got sober in late 2017 and views his firing from Two and a Half Men as a learning experience.