Kidnapping,Divorces,Relationships,andBeyondKidnapping,Divorces,Relationships,andBeyondGiphy GIFGiphy GIF
Cher's Family Saga

Kidnapping, Divorces, Relationships, and Beyond

Cher's personal drama and family history of Cher's marriages, divorces, and relationships.
Cher's rocky romance with Sonny Bono, financial struggles, and career challenges.
Elijah Blue Allman's struggle with drug abuse and Cher's support as a mother.
Allegations of Cher's attempt to kidnap Elijah and the legal battle with Marieangela King.
Marieangela King's accusations against Cher and the ongoing legal dispute.
Cher's new romance with Edwards and the age gap, happiness, and relationship details.
Cher's conservatorship filing for Elijah due to mental health and substance abuse concerns.
Cher's concerns about Elijah's assets and the legal battle with Marieangela King.