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Cher's Son, Elijah Allman, Reunites with Wife Amid Conservatorship Battle

Elijah Allman files to dismiss divorce from wife Marieangela King as Cher seeks conservatorship over his estate. Attorneys filed paperwork on Tuesday, January 2, after nearly eight years of marriage.
Cher alleges King is not fit to be Allman’s conservator due to their tumultuous relationship marked by drug addiction and mental health crises.
Allman is capable of managing his own affairs, and they have reconciled and are working on their marriage.
King's record label denounces any suggestion characterizing her as anything other than a loyal...
...supportive, and loving spouse to Allman. She claims Allman was coerced into an alternative medicine regimen and held against his will in a foreign country.
King previously accused Cher of hiring four men to kidnap Allman in a New York hotel room. After the alleged kidnapping, King was not allowed to see or speak to Allman, who was in lockdown at a treatment facility.
King risked her life to ensure Allman's safe return to the United States after being inhumanely held against his will in a foreign country.