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Colin Firth's Surprising Moose Sweater Confession in 'Bridget Jones's Diary'

Colin Firth’s moose sweater in Bridget Jones’s Diary is iconic, but wearing it on set was not a dream come true for Firth. The set was lit at about 140 degrees Fahrenheit, melting candles and desiccating the turkey curry.
Firth, who played Mark Darcy in the film franchise, joked about the sweater...
...mentioning that he almost tore it to pieces pulling it off between takes. He also revealed that he probably lost about 15 pounds and had little love for it by the end.
The actor famously wore the ugly jumper in the 2001 rom-com when his character first met Bridget Jones at a New Year’s Day celebration.
The clothing item was also difficult to make, and the film’s director Sharon Maguire revealed the challenges faced in finding the right design.
Looking back, Firth admitted that he’s not a fan of over-the-top festive sweaters and tends to break a sweat at the sight of them. Despite the uncomfortable shooting experience, Firth reprised his role in subsequent films of the franchise.
The Oscar winner hasn’t ruled out a fourth installment of Bridget Jones, expressing his incentive for doing this again to see Renée Zellweger in the role.
Zellweger herself has teased her hope to reprise the role once again, expressing her love for being in the character's shoes.