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Health and Fitness Goals for 2024 & Beyond

Cymbiotika's Durana Elmi
Hollywood Life's January 2024 cover star is Cymbiotika's Durana Elmi.
Durana Elmi is the founder and COO of San Diego-based supplement company Cymbiotika. Read Hollywood Life’s exclusive Q&A below.
The inspiration for Cymbiotika came from a lack of living a life with purpose and giving back to the community of people who want to live healthier longer lives forever, not only for them but also for their loved ones.
I always start my day with meditation and ground myself with gratitude in my heart. Then I set my intentions for the day which starts with hitting the gym daily for exactly 45 minutes. I break my intermittent fasting with a green smoothie after the gym and then I do have a late lunch at the Cymbiotika office after our team strategy meetings. I always take a moment by 2 p.m.
for 15 minutes of peace and stillness to reset. After I pick up my kids from school, I clear my mind to engage with the kids in a healthy productive manner by asking them about their day. From there it’s all family as I make sure we all eat together with my husband and kids for a nice healthy dinner. Health is more than a workout; it’s how we treat the ones we love unconditionally.
You need to use your health as a driver of daily life. I always make sure I go to the gym every morning after I drop my kids off at school.
It sets the tone and motivates my mind to help come up with strategic business strategies for the day. A lot of women put health and fitness as a non-starter of the day when it needs to be first for tonality.
I believe they are related. It’s the wrong mentality to believe one is a reward for the other.
One should always play hard while working so that the work doesn’t feel mundane. The blessing is to have the opportunity to be one, not two. That’s the ultimate reward.
The wellness values most important with my children is, honestly, to keep them active. That means limited screen time on their phones and devices.
One of the big keys always is hydration. To keep them healthy in movement, drinking a lot of water is key. Remember to keep them smiling so they can relate movement to happiness.
Cymbiotika’s most popular products are Vitamin C and Magnesium Glutathione. My personal favorites are B12, Vitamin D3, the K2 probiotic, and of course Super Greens.
I want to focus on my health from the inside. Meaning, I think it’s good to always work on the mental as well as the physical. Mental health is going to be key for me this year as I’m excited to strengthen my spiritual health journey.
At Cymbiotika we actually concepted our products based on travel. Our packets are made to be used on the go. Our goal has always been to eliminate the hassle of health and make the lifestyle as intuitive as possible.