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Discover Beth Leonard & Their Surprising Split

Darius Rucker's Ex-Wife Revealed
Darius Rucker, the 'Wagon Wheel' singer, split from his wife after two decades of marriage in 2020.
Darius Rucker, 57, shocked his fans when he split from his longtime wife, Beth Leonard, 56, in 2020.
Darius and Beth met in 1998 while Beth was working for VH1 in New York.
Darius married Beth in 2000 and credited her for supporting him as he pursued his music career.
Darius and Beth have three children - Daniela Rose Rucker, Jack Rucker, and Carolyn Pearl Phillips.

My oldest, @cary4life, graduated college yesterday. So proud of her!! Love my babies.
Darius and Beth announced their decision to 'consciously uncouple' in July 2020, remaining close friends and parenting partners.