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Sober Living & Tori Spelling Split

Dean McDermott's Thanksgiving
Dean McDermott shared a video expressing gratitude for his kids and more while sitting in a car.
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Dean McDermott, 57, spent Thanksgiving away from his kids and in a sober living facility. He revealed his plans in a video on Instagram.
Dean expressed gratitude for his kids and other positive things in his life while at the sober living facility.
Dean mentioned spending the holiday with his housemates at Freedom House at sober living and said they're going to have a lot of fun.
Dean shared a message of gratitude and well wishes for everyone on Thanksgiving.
Dean's latest holiday video comes after a tell-all interview where he discussed struggles in his 17-year marriage with Tori and his alcohol addiction.
Tori Spelling was hurt and upset by Dean's recent tell-all interview, feeling protective over her children, especially Stella.