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Derek Hough's Journey Through Life's Ups and Downs After Wife's Hospitalization

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert reflect on their year following her health scare.
Hough mentions his new role as a judge on Dancing With the Stars and paying homage to Len Goodman.
Hough shares a series of clips from each month of 2023 featuring highs and lows, including their fairytale wedding and honeymoon in Italy.
Erbert shares a message of gratitude and reflects on the highest of highs and life-changing moments.
Erbert suffered a cranial hematoma and underwent emergency craniectomy, followed by a second surgery to restore the part of her skull that had been removed weeks earlier.
Hough continuously shares updates on Erbert's health and expresses immense relief and gratitude for her successful cranioplasty surgery.
Erbert breaks her silence on Christmas Day, cherishing the gift of life and the love they share.