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Desperate 'Squid Game

The Challenge' Players Resort to Condom Lip Balm

Squid Game: The Challenge players resort to using lubricated condoms to moisten their lips in the absence of lip balm.
The reality series, based on the South Korean Squid Game web series, features 456 players risking their lives to play deadly children's games for a winner's prize of over $4 million.
259 contestants were eliminated in the Red Light, Green Light game, where they attempted to cross an arena without being caught by a giant robot doll.
Players turned to unwrapping condoms provided on set to lubricate their dry lips after lip balm was not provided.
Contestants resorted to using lotion and conditioner to moisten their lips before being given tins of lip balm.
The remaining players compete for the largest cash prize in reality TV history, with only three contestants left in the season-ending tenth episode premiering on Netflix.