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Did Adele & Rich Paul Tie the Knot? Clues Suggest They Said 'I Do'

Since they started dating in 2021, the 'Someone Like You' singer and her beau have sparked countless marriage rumors.
Adele seems over the moon in her romance with Rich Paul!
Shortly after Adele and Rich went Instagram Official in September 2021, fans went into a frenzy, when the “Someone Like You” songwriter was seen with a band on her wedding finger in November of that year.
Fans began speculating that Adele and Rich Paul had gotten engaged yet again, when she rocked a massive diamond ring on her finger for the BRIT Awards in February 2022.
After the BRIT Awards, Adele and Rich’s romance hit a major milestone. They moved in together in May 2022.
During one of the June concerts of her Las Vegas residency, Adele proclaimed her love for the sports agent in a sweet moment.
Just days after referring to Rich as her “husband,” Adele made a similar comment during a speech on Sunday, September 24.
While promoting his memoir Lucky Me, Rich gave an interview on CBS Mornings.
After Adele sparked marriage speculation after calling Rich her “husband” and herself his “wife,” a source explained why they call each other that in a report from Us Weekly on October 5, 2023.
Adele reportedly shared the news that she married Rich at Alan Carr‘s comedy show in Los Angeles.