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Did 'The Crown' Fail Princess Diana's Death? Royal Expert Critiques

Netflix’s The Crown covered the death of Princess Diana in season 6, but there were some glaring errors for close royal watchers.
Royal expert Christopher Andersen expressed disappointment with the portrayal of Diana's death in The Crown, noting the absence of dramatic moments and impact on the world.
Andersen criticized The Crown for not portraying emotional moments such as King Charles seeing Diana's body for the first time and the doctor's account of her last words.
Andersen praised Elizabeth Debicki's portrayal of Diana but wished for the inclusion of Prince William and Prince Harry's reactions at Diana's state funeral.
Andersen highlighted the lack of drama and grief in The Crown, expressing disappointment over the absence of poignant moments, including Harry's question about his mother's death.
Andersen criticized Imelda Staunton's portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II and suggested that The Crown presented a 'very Hallmark' spin on Diana's romance with Al-Fayed.