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"Director's Candid Revelation

Whoopi Goldberg's Unexpected 'Color Purple' Cameo"

Director Blitz Bazawule wows audiences with his musical adaptation of The Color Purple, featuring a surprise cameo by Whoopi Goldberg.
Goldberg, initially considered for Celie’s mother, portrays a midwife who helps Phylicia Pearl Mouse’s young Celie deliver a baby at the beginning of the film.
Screenwriter Marcus Gardley and Bazawule praise Goldberg's role and warm presence on set, symbolizing her impact on The Color Purple.
Fantasia Barrino reprises her role as Celie in the 2023 film, initially hesitant but drawn in by Bazawule's fresh perspective on the story.
Bazawule's approach uses magical realism during songs to show the audience what Celie is thinking, offering a new perspective on the character's inner world.