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"Dolly Parton's Candid Confessions

The Risks and Rewards of Plastic Surgery in Show Business"

Dolly Parton has been open about getting plastic surgery and the risks that come with it.
Since the 1970s, Dolly has openly admitted to having cosmetic procedures done on her body.
Dolly has admitted to getting work done in various interviews over the years and is unapologetic about it.
Dolly prefers fillers like Botox and Juvéderm and believes in 'tucking, sucking, or plucking' anything that needs it.
Dolly feels the need to alter her looks due to being in show business, but she acknowledges the risks of plastic surgery.
Dolly Parton on Aging, Plastic Surgery, and Friendship With Kenny Rogers
Dolly emphasizes the importance of being careful with plastic surgery and highlights the potential risks and complications.