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Dominic West's Rift with Prince Harry Over Spilling Secrets

Dominic West, who plays King Charles III on The Crown, had a falling out with Prince Harry after revealing too much in a press conference about their charity event Walking With the Wounded in 2013.
Nearly a year after their journey, West was asked about the experience during a January 2014 press conference.
West gushed about Harry's involvement in the charity event and emphasized that the falling out was over 10 years ago, stating that he did not receive Harry's advice to play Charles on The Crown.
Prince Harry has spoken about his comfort with The Crown and the importance of historical accuracy, as well as the fact that other royals, including Princess Anne, have seen the show.
Jonathan Pryce, who played Prince Philip, shared a humorous anecdote about Princess Anne dubbing him as a knight, referencing his portrayal of her father in The Crown.
All six seasons of The Crown are currently available for streaming on Netflix.