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Swifties Approve!

Donna Kelce's New Taylor Swift Favorite
Donna Kelce, 71, becomes a Swiftie, catching fans' attention with her background music choice in an Instagram video.
Donna references Taylor Swift's song 'Shake It Off' and comments on the divided reaction from sports fans about Travis' romance with Swift.
Travis expressed interest in Swift after catching her Eras Tour in Kansas City and Swift was spotted in a VIP box with Donna at a Kansas City Chiefs game.
Donna experiences the media frenzy surrounding her son's love life and plays coy when asked about chatting with Swift at Travis' football games.
Donna refers to her time with Swift as 'OK' and receives a supportive pep talk from her son, Travis, about her comments.
Travis reassures Donna about her comments and gushes that he's happier than he's seen him in a long time in his romance with Swift.