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"Doorman's Blood-Stained Hands

Terrifying Encounter with John Lennon's Shooter"

The Beatles member was murdered outside his New York City apartment building 43 years ago.
John Lennon‘s doorman from the day he was shot and killed has spoken out about the tragedy, in a new heartbreaking interview.
Jay Hastings was working at the Dakota, where the Beatles member lived on December 8, 1980, and told PEOPLE all about that fateful day, detailing exactly what took place the moment after the shooting happened.
“I remember everything like it was yesterday,” he told the outlet, referring to when John was killed by Mark David Chapman in front of his Upper West Side residential building at 10:50 p.m.
He said he first encountered another doorman named Jose, who was the first one to see John after the shooting.
“I could hear Jose outside, ‘Oh Mr. Lennon.’ Boom, boom, doors close and I could hear the quick march of heels coming up the driveway,” he recalled.
“So I walked over to the counter, where there was a hidden security button to unlock the door, so you could get into the Dakota proper.”
“As I was there with my finger on the button is when he [John] came running up, immediately after hearing gunshots, and he’s like, ‘I’m shot, I’m shot’ and he just ran past me to the back office, and just collapsed,” he continued.
Jay went on to explain that he quickly processed what had happened but at the time, “you’re not computing the end result,” and he didn’t know the severity of the wound.
[I] didn’t know how bad he was shot,” he said. “I went into to the back office, Yoko [Ono, John’s wife] was there, like right behind him, screaming, ‘Get an ambulance. Get an ambulance.’ ”