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Drew Barrymore's Holy Grail Serum for Radiant, Firm Skin

Drew Barrymore recommends a serum to smooth wrinkles, even skin tone, and plump skin.
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Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment Face Serum deeply exfoliates to reveal bright and glowing skin, with visible results in just 3 minutes.
Drew Barrymore mentioned the lemony fresh scent of the serum and its benefits for brightening, tightening, and youthening skin.
The serum contains high potency lactic acid to address dark spots, wrinkles, and pore-clogging dead skin.
Ingredients in the serum include licorice, lemongrass, arnica, prickly pear extract, and aloe for brightening, complexion, soothing, and moisturizing, with over 2,400 global reviews on Amazon.