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Elizabeth Pipko

The Face of NOÄ Jewelry's La Mer Campaign

Elizabeth Pipko, a Jewish model, partners with NOÄ Jewelry for its La Mer campaign and to unveil a new Star of David necklace.
Model Elizabeth Pipko is the new face of NOÄ Jewelry, starring in the stunning campaign for their new La Mer collection.
The new collection features the model posing in the jewelry on the beach, with pieces ranging in price from $79 to $279.
Jewish-owned brand and Jewish model proudly collaborate not only on the new campaign, but also to highlight and unveil a stunning dainty Star of David necklace.
"This new collection is absolutely stunning," says Elizabeth Pipko, showcasing the beautiful Star of David necklace and her own Jewish pride.
NOÄ Jewelry, a favorite of many celebrities, embraces the timeless beauty of pearls and offers a range of dainty and statement pieces.